Hip Hop/Jazz Funk
Ages- 4-6 (30 min) The foundation of dance, Classical Ballet.  Children will gain an introduction to dance technique, flexibility, posture and body awareness through  this graceful and beautiful form of dance. Tap your toes to a fun beat learning rhythm and coordination- FUN!
       Ballet/Tap Combo-Mon 5:30-6:30pm* $120- 8 wks 
       Pre-Ballet- Sat 10-10:30am* $60- 8 wks (gymnastics combo available)


The foundation of dance,Classical Ballet, which develops dance technique, flexibility, body awareness and discipline in the most elegant form of dance combined with Lyrical, the less technical, flowing, expressive form that teaches one to dance from the heart. Simply beautiful... the perfect balance!
        Lyrical-  Mon 6:30-7:30pm* $120- 8 wks (ages 7+)
        Beg Ballet/Lyrical- Wed 7-8pm*  $120- 8 wks (ages 7+)
        Int Ballet- Sat 12-1pm*  $120- 8 wks  
Explore the world of DANCE with us...
Jazz basics combined with the non-stop movement of Funk and Hip Hop.  Body isolations, funky floor work, poppin' lockin' fun!  if you love to move fast, this class is for you!
        Young Hip Hop-Wednesday 5:15-5:45pm- $60- 8 wks (ages 4-6)
        Hip Hop Monday 7:30-8:30pm- $120- 8 wks (ages 7-14)
        Hip Hop- Wednesday 6-7pm*  $120- 8 wks  (ages 7-14)
        Int/Teen Hip Hop-  Wednesday 9-10pm* $120- 8wks(Ages 10+ or w/approval)

Jazz is a high energy technical dance filled with isolations, leaps and turns combined with the expressive form of Contemporary dance utilizing a variety of dance forms to express your innermost feelings...Beautiful and moving!
       Beg Jazz/Contemporary- Sat 10:30-11:30am* $120- 8 wks (ages 6-12)
       Int/Teen Jazz/Contemporary- Wed 8-9pm* $120- 8 wks 
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Jan 17th- Wednesday 6-7pm
        - Hip Hop (ages 6-12)
Jan 22nd-Monday 7:30-8:30pm
        -Hip Hop (ages 6-12)

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*All dance classes end 5 min prior for transition.  You may enter class up to 5 min prior to prepare.
Ohana Academy of Gymnastics Dance Music & Art ~ 7504 W 85th Place, Bridgeview, IL 60455 ~ 708-598-0080 ~ www.OhanaAcademy.com
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(1.5 hrs) Combines the foundation of dance, Classical Ballet with Gymnastics which includes bars, balance beam, tumbling and trampoline basics.  A combination that gives perfect posture, strength, flexibility, agility and body awareness that can take a child anywhere they want to go in the sports world.
          Wednesday 7-9pm* 2 hrs- $248-8wks w/tumbling only (discounted) (ages 7-14)
          Saturday 10:30-12pm* 1.5 hrs- $188-8wks w/gymnastics(discounted) (ages 4-6)

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Ohana Academy of Gymnastics Dance Music & Art ~ 7504 W 85th Place, Bridgeview, IL 60455 ~ 708-598-0080 ~ www.OhanaAcademy.com
Classes are ongoing year-round
An annual registration fee is required -
$30 per student (1 time per year)

Dance Classes are 8wks in length (1x per week)
$120- 1hr   
$60- 30 min
$10 discount for dance/gymnastics combo, dance combo or second dance class

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Poms utilizes a variety of dance choreography to music with pom poms...showmanship, smiles and fun!
       Monday 8:30-9:30pm*  $120- 8 wks (ages 7+)