Explore the world of DANCE with us...
Dance has been known throughout the ages as a response to music... 
We all feel the urge to bounce, tap and move to music.  Come experience the joy of learning how to express that innate desire in one of our many forms of Dance... No matter Graceful, Artful or Funky, they are all Fun!

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The Degas Ballet Society Program
Nancy Bonkowski

Celebrating a lifelong dedication to the Art of Ballet and developing dancers
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Russian Style Ballet (Vaganova)

All classes currently taught by Nancy Bonkowski…
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Fairytale Ballet Program: (Girls & Boys)
Ages 3-6 years

Ages: 3-6 years
Introduction to basic ballet terms, ballet music, a more detailed expectation required of movement.  Songs and basic rhythm instruments mastered...using ribbons, sticks chiffon and tamborines.
Class length: 45 min- Cost $65 per month, one time supplies fee $10, required uniform

Classical Ballet Program: (Girls & Boys)
Ages 6+ or with teacher approval

Ballet I
A more formal approach to training begins at this level. There is more work at the barre, stretch, and center combinations. Emphasizes poise, strength, coordination and learning of vocabulary and patterns.
Class length: 1 hr – meets 1x a week- Cost $80 per month, required uniform

Ballet II
More advanced correction, vocabulary, and classical repertoire is introduced. Ballet and stretch at barre, barre combinations and a more controlled technique is mastered. 
Class length: 1 hr meets 2x a week- Cost $148 per month, required uniform

Ballet III
Barre stretch, combinations, and technique is being mastered. Center floor and diagonal combinations introduced and comprehended. Turns and pirouettes (peer-wets) are practiced. Vocabulary and technique is evident.
Class length: 1 hr meets 2x a week- Cost $148 per month, required uniform

Pointe Classes
•At the teacher’s audition and approval only. Student must be have seriously studied and passed Ballet III classes and be at least 10-11 years of age to begin pointe class. All students begin class in ballet shoes and will be set on pointe at teacher’s referral only.

Other Dance Offerings...
Recreational Dance:  (Girls & Boys)
Ages 4-18

The classic Jazz technique... Lively movements incorporating floorwork, leaps, jumps & turns! 
                       Ages 4-5 years/45 min/$60 per month
                       Ages 6-12 & 10-18/1 hr/$75 per month

 Hip Hop
Quick sharp movements, body isolations, funky floor work and poppin' lockin' fun!
                        Ages 4-5 years/45 min/$60 per month
                        Ages 6-12 & 10-18/1 hr/$75 per month

Ages: 6-12 & 10-18 years
Strong showy movements and jazz technique using Pom Poms and group dynamics!
                        Ages 4-5 years/45 min/$60 per month
                        Ages 6-12 & 10-18/1 hr/$75 per month
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